Recent Situation Tanka Tanka November 2015

Recent Situation Tanka Tanka November 2015

We’d like to propose a message about the current situation regarding the psychiatric hospital Tanka Tanka. The hospital has been struggling all year with large deficits.
There is an urgent need for medication. If the situation is unmanageable, the foundation buys medication of the money was donated by hospital Rivierenland. Every week is a huge job for the staff of Tanka Tanka order to medication, but also to get food and bandages.

Tanka Tanka depends RVTH, this is the major hospital in Banjul. They are responsible for salaries, medication, food and bandages.
The current situation is that RVTH has no money for:
- Medication: this has long been not paid / delivered
- Gasoline for doctors / psychiatrists, leaving all four months, no doctor or psychiatrist has been in Tanka Tanka

Food for the patients, such as rice and fish are not worried by RVTH, but an employee or manager of Tanka Tanka must pick it yourself three times a week in Banjul. The car TT has long been in the garage, there is no money to repair it. Even now has the foundation stepped in and is using the car of the foundation to get food in Banjul.
Very annoying, but this car is after yet another repair no longer repairable and is the foundation without a car, which in turn has a direct impact on patients. The foundation and volunteers who work in Tanka Tanka, do everything possible to find a solution for this.
It is admirable that the staff of Tanka Tanka despite all this, it is still able to keep things going.

There have been many attempts to discuss these major issues with the Director of RVTH in Banjul, but also with the Minister of Health. Unfortunately, this has led to nothing. The large amount of money that is donated by the Trust Bank of Gambia, has not arrived where it was intended for and as previously mentioned on our site. The money is only placed a gate in the men’s department, but it is not spent on medication or other purposes! The money is not in the hands of Tanka Tanka.

As stated earlier, we remain committed to improve to change all this and hopefully. Should any new developments do we let it know of course through this site and Facebook.

Greetings Jan, Anna and Mireille