“Participating in Tanka Tanka is very instructive”

Last month, Jan Ramondt and Mireille Vermeulen has been supportive in the care of the Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital.
Jan works itself for years in psychiatry in the Netherlands and will voluntarily support the staff on the basis of his experience and expertise in the fields of psychiatry and security. So all employees have been trained how to deal with possible acts of aggression and learned how to bring patients in a humane way to the ground.
“Participating in Tanka Tanka is very instructive: you learn to care to look at it from a completely different perspective, it is heartening to see how the employees are in an optimistic way in their work even though they sometimes quality care with limited resources trying to. keep on giving. The training was very excited and grateful response, herein also became clear that the staff had very need for handles in the field of aggression. ”
Mireille has been on previous visits to Tanka Tanka is mainly used to convert the wound care of patients more on legs. “I am extremely proud of how the staff have continued this. The knowledge and resources I handed the previous visit have been very well received and you see that more and more urgent feel to the patients also respond well to treatment in this area. This be in all patients daily their wounds checked and cared for, where my compliments! ”
Mireille and Jan will remain until the end of November / beginning of December committed to Tanka Tanka.