Newsletter March 2016

In the past period, we have fortunately by a number of donations to carry out the necessary repairs under the watchful eye of Anna. The men’s toilets has been completely renovated. All the pipes had to be replaced underground by very poor work done on the Future of Hands during construction. Under the building where the water tanks of the women’s wing is, a more arise because the water was not as it should be in the tank, but under the building, very dangerous. All showers leaked into the women’s wing and could not be used. Again, the necessary repairs. The donated bags of cement from Garcem are great handy. It builded with Isolate is ready. There have been beautiful high windows so there are plenty of light, the roof has been repaired and refurbished inside is everything. Thanks to the action of Christmas hampers mental health Parnassia (Jan and Bianca). In wound care, a study tables placed (Lenny). The Women’s Wing, among others donated their retirement spot. Also, mosquito nets, clothing, mattresses, sheets, plan long distance fans, boards, jackets, slippers and a TV. They also organize a boot sale. Great that the women in the Gambia are committed to Tanka Tanka. The oven is ready for use and the first loaves are baked. Approved by Anna. Thank aanLenny, Jan and Bavo. Special Yaya with his thorough knowledge. Sue boat trip for Charity thanked for the donation. Excuse if we have not mentioned all the donors but patients, staff and Tanka Tanka Foundation are very grateful.