Report Mireille November 2016

Meanwhile again two weeks back, I look back on my 3weekse stay in Gambia. As always exciting with several ups and downs. But when Anna stay is always very pleasant and now feels like a homecoming. A fine reception of Demba, Adema, Mamady, the garage men around the corner and the barber, everyone welcomed me warmly.
The elections were this time more exciting. We did not know how it was going to run and were warned of rebellion. Was asked to stay indoors during the elections and store sufficient food. The strangest was still to be closed off completely from the outside world, international communications were all fully enclosed. This eventually took only 2 days.

Yahya Jammeh the “still” incumbent president lost the elections, which he, and particularly suspicious enough, accepted in the beginning. Barrow, the opposition leader, is the winner of the election and the country was deliriously happy. So special to them, cheering and dancing people on the streets, honking cars, there is finally free and that was all smiles too palpable for us ……… .helaas of very short duration. Jammeh after a week it known that he does not accept the result and so did his departure. January 19 will, no he must make way for the new president Barrow, but what is needed, everyone fears. We wait.

Tanka Tanka in the wound is still performed by two nurses. The room is large with a treatment bed and there are finally enough bandages, all collected and shipped from the Netherlands. The room was with the help of a Dutch student who was working at that time in Tanka Tanka, again tidy and organized. Hygiene often leaves much to be desired. I have training in wound care given to the new nurse Fatou, it strengthens Kandeh with wound care and would like to continue working in Tanka Tanka. It’s fun to teach the nurses, they are very eager to learn. Medical knowledge is generally very least, mildly. After two days of study is Fatou passed her makeshift exam. Knowledge and repetition of knowledge is the power of change or improvement with essential, the right people in the right place …….

Medicines remain a headache problem, sometimes it’s there, often little or not. Likewise, two days before my departure, request was made to deliver, but when it comes, no one knows. Anna and I got in the car and at the pharmacy in Serekunda bought a small supply of medication. Still the buffer of the donated money Riverland Hospital Tiel. So wonderful to get along 1000 heavy calming tablets without prescription so. They are so different from those in the Netherlands.

I can only hope for the Gambians that they go into a peaceful new year and finally have a view of a better future and freedom for all of them. Leave should be supported by the rest of the world. See you next year. Mireille