What has a plane to do with Tanka Tanka?

What has a plane to do with Tanka Tanka. Mireille explains. She has taken action for Tanka Tanka again. Super thanks Mireille! On May 5, there was the draw of the “Liberation Day Lottery”. Thank you to all ticket buyers! I’m very happy with the proceeds. The proceeds of € 985, – are fully spent on medication for the psychiatric patients at Tanka Tanka. Unfortunately, it is still frequent that there are major shortages of medicines, which can now be supplemented with the proceeds of this loss. In particular, I would like to thank Erwin Gerwig. Erwin has awarded the main award for a 2-hour flight. The flight was scheduled on May 21 above Buren. Thank you very much Erwin !! In addition, I would like to thank the Orange Association of Burses who made the award possible and of course Cora and Mark for helping sale sales. Super????