News from the board of Tanka Tanka

News from the board of Tanka Tanka.
Every year in winter, Tanka Tanka’s board meets and discusses how the past period has gone and plans for the coming year. This year we went a little further and came to the conclusion that the initial goal of Tanka Tanka foundation was achieved well. And that was the construction of a clinic for the more than 80 psychiatric patients from then Campama in Banjul. We have built the clinic thanks to the help of many donors and dear friends. And after the construction we transferred the clinic to the Gambian government. Since then we have worked together to support the psychiatry in Gambia and Tanka Tanka hospital. And now after almost 20 years, we find it time to end our activities like we did. In the coming period, we will discontinue ongoing activities and discuss with Gambian government how we can contact donors and funds with them as additional funds are needed to ensure good psychiatric care in Gambia. We are definitely going to organize something to inform and thank all donors and friends for without all of you, this has never been possible.
At this time, our secretary in Gambia is to inform all parties there. More information follows.