Challenge Gambia Jan en Imke

In the coming November, Jan Ramondt and Imke Swierstra will participate in the “Amsterdam-Dakar Challenge”. They will drive from Amsterdam to Banjul with the aim of collecting funds and resources for the Tanka Tanka Foundation. At the moment, the gentlemen are busy preparing the trip and collecting funds and resources.
We, as a Tanka Tanka board, will ensure that the funds and resources collected by the people are well spent in the Tanka Tanka psychiatric hospital. We want to emphasize that the decision of the Board to build the current activities does not affect this action and other ongoing projects. That’s what we will do, in close consultation with Tanka Tanka Hospital, all of which will come to an end! We wish Jan and Imke a lot of success with their action and look forward to the first pictures of their trip.