The Gambia Tanka Tanka Foundation, foundend on 6th July 1999, aims to support people and projects in The Gambia. The main focus of the foundation is (mental) healthcare at the moment.

The foundation works according the following principles:

- minimal overhead

- maximal financial clarity

- local representatives

- focussed on results

- local involvement.

The Tanka Tanka Foundation obtains her objectives through:

-  fundraising

-  giving financial and project management support to projects

-  supporting exchange and sharing of knowledge

-  collection and distribution of goods.

Target groups

The foundation works with and supports local people living and working in the Gambia. People, like students, staff, and patients, who want to engage  and who want to work together with us to improve their own future and the future of The Gambia.

All the foundation’s work is based on local demand and will be delivered in engagement with Gambians. This local ownership guarantees continuity after the projects have been finished.

Partnership working

Volunteers of the TankaTanka Foundation visit regularly – at their own costs – The Gambia to keep close links with the local projects.

During the years of operating The foundation has built a huge network of contacts within the local in government, local businesses, other charities, embassies etc. The Foundation receives support from the national government and has close links with the Jammeh Foundation for Peace, the foundation of the Gambian president Alhaji Dr. Jammeh.

We are also grateful for the regular support the foundation has received from the Gambian army e.g. for clearing the building site, offering security on site and  planting trees on the hospital ground.

On 22nd July 2010 Anna Bouman, the driving spirit of the foundation, has been awarded with a decoration by the Gambian President Sheikh Prof. Dr. Alhagie Yaya A.J.J. Jammeh for all her achievements for the country. A very honourful reward for ten year working in partnership.