The Gambians like their bread for breakfast. Favorite is ‘tapalapa’, a very hearty style of french bread. A whole bread costs about 5 Dalasi and keeps you going for a couple of hours.

Also in the Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital, patients start their day with tapalapa. Having to serve about 80 to 100 patients means that a huge amount of bread has to be bought everyday. Therefore, the idea came up to start our own bakery in partnership with a professional baker. Not only will this save money, it will also give patients a chance of getting some work-experience and the opportunity to start a small shop and sell our freshly baked bread to others. With a high school in development in the neighbourhood, it feels there is a market potential. When this project becomes succesful it could even generate some profit, which could then be used for buying materials for creative therapy and for sports equipment.

It is estimated that we need about 2,000 euros for building the bakery and installing two professional wood stoves. In addition some money will be needed to buy the ingredients for the first batch of bread and to invest in some baking tools.