Criteria for volunteers; 13 march 2014

It would be preferable for volunteers to have a background within a human service, for example psychiatric nursing, social care, psychology, medicine, teaching (psychiatric) or occupation therapy

In addition to the knowledge, skills and experience of volunteers, with the above outlined background, volunteers with practical abilities for example those within maintenance i.e. mechanics, electricians and general maintenance skills might be considered

It would be preferable for volunteers to be ages 25 years or above.
Applicants are advised to send their personal curriculum vitae (c.v.) and an accompanying detailed explanation of what is their motivation. It would be helpful if they also included any special skills and talents they possess.

Applicants should usually have completed their formal education or training.

Applicants must be emotionally stable, mature and flexible. The ability to problem solve and cope adaptability with stress are crucial

It would be a distinct advantage if the applicant for volunteering placement was exposed to an had an awareness of African/Gambian culture

The volunteer must be prepared to work at Tanka Tanka for a minimum of three days per week between 9.00 and 14.00 hrs.

Volunteers must also expect to finance themselves and arrange their own insurance unless they are applying through an agency who may arrange this on their behalf

You can sign in English plus CV to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hopital “EFSTH” Banjul